VR & Cross-platform

What sets Solice apart from the other projects is the immersive experience of the users by utilizing the technology of VR and the cross-platform component. At the moment, most of the GameFi projects on the market right now are often only available on a single platform which is either on a smartphone or web-based. This limits the art style and software load of the actual product. By enabling the Solice metaverse on VR, users will get a more immersive feeling to fully enjoy themselves within this virtual metaverse instead of something that is on their computer or phone screen.

One of the main obstacles that many projects encounter during the development and growth is the lack of cross-platform function, users are often limited to connecting with other users on the same platform which keeps the content and user base centralized on a certain platform. Imagine when you try to invite your friends over to a museum gallery you’ve built and set up, but your friends do not have the same operating system or device.

Solice solves this obstacle by enabling cross-platform options. Whether the user is on their smartphone, desktop, or VR device, all users are able to connect to the same metaverse to play, communicate, socialize and even work together.

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