Solice provides an infrastructure to support a shared virtual world, also known as a metaverse. The Solice metaverse supports multiple platforms which remove the barrier of different hardware, software, and operating systems. This enables more users to invite and connect with their friends & family to enhance possibilities in the exponential growth of the user base.

The Solice metaverse consists of a decentralized ledger for ownership within the virtual world, this could be a piece of land or any other assets such as clothing apparel, and pets. All involve a protocol for describing the content of each land parcel or asset and a peer-to-peer network for user interactions.

Solice is not just a game, it’s a second life on the blockchain.

The market is far beyond just the gaming or blockchain communities, which can get easily onboarded from regular platforms. We are innovating a new metaverse utilizing the cutting edge technology of blockchain, connecting the unique features of blockchain to narrate towards wide adoption by giving the users an immersive experience within VR (Virtual Reality). Solice has the potential to become the market leader of cross-platform metaverse to attract millions of users, and an associated greater opportunity for revenues.

The Solice metaverse is designed in a way to give users maximum freedom just like in real life. Users can enjoy the democratic governance model based on a liquid democracy and real-world inspiration rules over a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) through the Solice native token.

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