The beginning

The Solice metaverse
In a universe far from ours, there was a being close to what we would call “Creator”. Its existence was best defined by what is known to us as energy. The energy was so divine that words known to us would fall short to describe it. Without beginning nor end, this energy floated in an endless void. The time this energy had spent in the void is unknown, for the reason that the concept of time was still nonexistent. Unaware of its own powers it started to create a space out of the void. The space was a product of its own thoughts. As more thoughts came into the mind of this being, the space started to turn into a galaxy. And as the being started to become aware of the galaxy it had created, it had then manifested an ego for itself. Roaming its galaxy for eons it had grown bored by its own existence. It decided to make one final creation before letting go of his meaningless existence. What it chose to make was a world. Not in the same sense as a planet but more like a realm. It made darkness and light, water and fire, earth and the sky, and life and death. Delighted by its own masterpiece it made species that could enjoy the world it had made. It blessed each species with its own unique features. Inspired by its own individuality, it gave each species a name, ego, and basic intelligence. The species, who were now aware of their own existence, chose to live with unyielding gratefulness and loyalty towards their creator. After showing the species all the world has to offer, the being spoke for the first time:
~ “Listen my creations. This will be the first and the last time I will speak to you. I do not wish to rule over you nor will I do so. I will leave this world in your care. The world you see around you shall be known as Solice from this day on. I will leave my energy in all creations of this world including you. This implies that I shall be everywhere yet nowhere and that I am everything yet nothing. I will delight myself in the wonders of this world through my own creations.
That being said, I am aware of the dangers that ego brings with it. I shall leave you in the care of my offspring. I shall create children to watch over the species I have created with ego. These children shall live within the sky and help where help is needed. Relish the experience of being in Solice. Farewell.” ~
As the being said this, it proceeded to make a floating land in the sky. Where it made artifacts and homes for its children and after that, it also has split its energy in half. This split-energy then divided itself into 12 smaller pieces. The being created a spiritual body out of each piece and gave all the bodies a part of its own ego. It had created divine beings with power only second to itself. It called these divine-beings children.
~ ”Listen my children. This will be the first and the last time I will speak to you. As you all are part of my own ego, you know what my intentions are. I shall leave the species in your care and the world I shall leave in their care. This land in the sky shall be known as Zephyros. I have left everything you shall need in the flow of time on this land. From this day forward, the rest of my energy shall roam throughout Solice and my existence shall be one with the world. Relish the experience of Solice, farewell” ~
In honor of his last work, his children have chosen to remember their “parent” by the name Sol.