The Great War II had finally come to an end. Zephyr had split Solice into four lands, even though one of them couldn’t really be called a land. It was more like an archipelago that was mostly covered by a mysterious mist. The species that were put there, all could breathe underwater. That was the only trait they all shared with one another, apart from that the species on this archipelago were very diverse. And so even though the war had ended, all species chose to claim an island for themselves and seclude themselves from the rest. This was Kriaz.

Water species all have very strong cultures and traditions they follow with full conviction. Because of this, the chances of conflict arising between water species were high. The demi-gods always kept a firm watch on Kriaz for that reason.

As the years passed, the species would still not interact with one another, and all islands were self-sufficient. Many had even forgotten about the other species through the passage of time until… One day humanoid creatures who looked like humans appeared on the Island full of Fishman. But these creatures were no humans, they had wings, tails, and horns. Fishmen was shocked by these creatures, and in their ignorance thought they were demigods.

The Dragonborn’s did not stay on the Island of Fishmen for long and went looking for their kin throughout Kriaz. But the visit of these Dragonborn’s ignited a curiosity in the fishmen. They had been made aware that the world was much bigger than their small island, and so they were the first island to start with the exploring revolution. The fishmen started sailing out to other islands to gain knowledge and form friendly relations. Soon other Islands followed this behavior and the whole of Kriaz came into an era of travel and science.

Ages passed as Kriaz has broadened their knowledge day by day. Just as they thought that they had hit the pinnacle of knowledge, they were met with new visitors. This time it was really humans. It seems they had asked Zephyr permission to enter Kriaz so that they could learn from the people of Kriaz. The people of Kriaz were delighted and honored by this. Yet soon, they came to learn that humans had far exceeded their scientific level of thinking. The humans had come with inventions and philosophic thoughts that could start a new revolution all over again in Kriaz. And it did.

Soon Amoris (the land the humans came from) and Kriaz became the 2 scientific powerhouses of Solice. With the help of humans, Kriaz made inventions that bordered the power of the gods. Where Kriaz chose to draw the line, the humans continued. The human’s greed for knowledge knew no boundaries. As Kriaz came to know this, they slowly took their distance from the human race and stopped their scientific endeavors.

After a few years, the humans invited some of the scientists of Kriaz over to Amoris for a big project. Some of the scientists who still had the fire in them went to Amoris. Only a few of the scientists returned. It seemed the project had failed miserably, apart from that not much was made known to the public of Kriaz.

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