Zephyr returned to his home in Zephyros after concluding the war in Solice. He missed his brothers and sisters very much and chose to mostly seclude himself after this incident. His trust in others had left him and his kind heart slowly grew bitter. The beautiful ruins and artifacts in Zephyros who were once owned by the 12 children of Sol, were now in the hands of the demi-gods Zephyr had brought on this godly land.

Zephyr gave the demi-gods firm orders they had to abide by and had no further interactions with the demi-gods unless necessary. No demi-god dared to go against Zephyr after they had witnessed his overwhelming power at the Great War II. Apart from the fear for Zephyr, life on Zephyros was heavenly. A mortal who’s tasted the magnificence of Zephyros would doubt the significance of having lived at all. The land of the gods was truly a sight to behold. Apart from the demi-gods, there were also mystic entities that lived in and around Zephyros. These have been here since the beginning, and not even Zephyr can say for sure that he knows about all of them.

Since time had no meaning on Zephyros it seemed like only a few months after that a species with human faces, horns and wings asked permission to cross the lands. The demi-gods who sometimes roamed the lands of the mortals passed this request over to their lord (Zephyr). Zephyr was not shocked by this request, since he had deliberately placed all Dragonborn on different lands. The chances of them traveling to visit their own kin was high. He did this with the motive of influencing the other species to also travel. After allowing the Dragonborn’s to pass through the portal, Zephyr soon came to know that his plan had worked. Not soon after did other species send out the same request, even though the motives were different.

More and more requests of passing the portals came, and Zephyr was slowly getting his hope back for Solice. Maybe he had come to a conclusion too soon, and a time of acceptance, unity, and piece was still possible on Solice. He watched as all species traveled from one land to another and formed friendly relations all over. Zephyr was contemplating to connect the lands once again. Just as this thought had come to mind, he noticed something in Amoris. The residents of Amoris were trying to create some sort of eternal life. Zephyr was shocked by this irrational and pointless mindset, and even more, shocked when he found out they succeeded. Zephyr had a bad feeling about this. He was familiar with the greedy nature of humans, and the damage it had caused throughout time. And just to confirm his doubts, the humans had started a new project to make their own portals.

Zephyr, who was truly disappointed in the boundless greed of humans, chose to wait for the project. This was purely out of curiosity, to see if the humans could truly rival the power of a god-like him. As expected, the humans had failed miserably. Zephyr then decided that putting the lands back together was out of the question, it seems greed is simply in the nature of the species SOL had created. And greed leads to conflict. He punished Amoris by spawning random gates on the lands that led to different planes. The gates would open all over Amoris and let unknown entities and powers lose on Amoris. As he lashed out this punishment on Amoris, Zephyr could feel the presence of his parent. As if SOL was interfering with the punishment itself. The gates did not all open.. but rather, appeared one at a time. Also, nothing came out of the gate. It seemed only things could enter them. Zephyr was delighted that the will of Sol still lived on, and had chosen to leave the punishment for what it is.

All lands and species who had helped the humans in their project were punished accordingly.

After Zephyr took the time to realize the will of Sol still roamed the lands, he had chosen to take his distance from Solice once again and let it be in fate’s hand. All portals were opened and free to enter. Zephyr let all demi-gods free to do as they wished and live their lives. After that, Zephyr was not seen again. His residence on Zephyros is empty until this day.

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