The Second Great War had come to an end, and the Zephyr had split the lands apart. The heat-orientated species were allowed to live on a volcanic continent where the blazing fire was as common as rain for humans. Rivers were filled with magma instead of water and the sky was mostly covered by dark clouds filled with carbon. The hot temperature at this continent most of the year made it uninhabitable for most species. This continent was called Ludivour.

The unique thing about the inhabitants of Ludivour was their lack of hatred for other species. This was because they believed that everything in the world happened for a reason. No one could fight the power of fate they believed. Most heat-orientated species are autotrophs. They have no need for food or water and can live up to four times longer than humans. It is believed that it is because of these features that they tend to live simple lives.

The Dragonborn’s at Ludivour learned from their neighbors throughout the years and were taught to let go of their pride and materialistic values. Dragonborn usually live isolated and don’t interact with other species unless it is unavoidable. The reason for this behavior is not completely clear. It could be arrogance, disgust, fear, or simply a lack of interest in anything outside their own community. Yet in Ludivour it was different, the Dragonborn’s were fascinated by the lifestyle and beliefs of their fellow inhabitants. Soon, they started to implement it in their own lives. The fast amount of relics, magic arts, and riches that the Dragonborn’s had collected throughout the ages, was now shared with everyone.

After ages, some of the Dragonborn’s from Kriaz and Yamashi came to visit their kin in Ludivour. To their surprise the Dragonborn’s they encountered at Ludivour, were nothing like them. They were living among the other creatures, had no treasures, and were oddly friendly and indifferent about anything. The foreign Dragonborn's soon realized that there was nothing left of their original culture with the Ludivour-Dragonborn. And so they left after a short while.

Decades passed again. The denizens of Ludivour continued to live their peaceful life until they were visited once more. This time it was not the Dragonborn’s though, it was the humans. This was a surprisingly strange thing because humans should not be able to withstand the harsh conditions at Ludivour for long. But it seemed the human visitors were carrying a strange device around their wrists that kept their bodies cool. But that was not the only thing. The humans had come with many fascinating foreign devices of which the likes of them had never even dreamed of.

The fire-dwellers were the first to meet the humans. The humans wanted to exchange their scientific knowledge with the fire-dwellers very badly. They soon found out that the fire-dwellers had no such thing as “science” and had chosen to live the same as their ancestors for all these years. As the humans had spent almost all of their years after the Great War II in search of knowledge, this was hard for them to phantom. After this, the humans found out that all the species of Ludivour lived like the fire-dwellers and there was no one to trade scientific information with. The humans had soon decided that there was nothing for them to gain at Ludivour and had chosen to leave…until. One of the humans, who had interacted quite a lot with the denizens of Ludiovur, discovered something that might help the humans reach a new stage in science. He noticed that most heat-orientated species had an orb stuck to their body. After asking around, he found out that those orbs are their life source. This was very intriguing for the humans because those species with orbs lived a lot longer than humans. Was it possible to implement the same concept with humans? If the orbs contained the so-called “soul”, was it then also possible to extract the “soul” of humans and put it in a more durable body?

And so the humans had started a new project with their gained knowledge. The Ludivourians pitied the humans since they were so hung up on their so-called evolution that they failed to enjoy the simple things in life. They even viewed humans as a dangerous species that will always be driven by a form of greed.

After that, the humans came to visit very often to ask questions about their bodily functions. Sometimes they even performed experiments (with premotion). The humans gave some of their machinery and built sophisticated buildings around Ludivour out of gratitude. After a few years, the humans stopped coming. They had probably succeeded in whatever they were trying to do.

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