Life in Solice

After Sol had disappeared from Solice, the species chose to honor his will and lived happily and peacefully in this world their creator had left behind. The species who were best at hunting would hunt, while the species who had the most power and stamina would do labor. The species with the best insight would design and do research, while the ones with element-excretion would provide energy. In this way, all the species that Sol had made had their own role/duty within the metaverse. This peacefulness continued for many centuries while civilization advanced. As civilization grew, they started to create tribes, then towns, then cities, and soon after councils, kingdoms, and empires. It was around this period that the peacefulness slowly started to fade.

Many of the species had already forgotten what the will of Sol was and had lost their gratefulness. The kings and emperors grew drunk on their power while their people engaged in theft, slave-trading, murder, and other atrocious deeds. This was the age of the 7 superpowers in Solice also known as the 7 Lords (These were the 7 kingdoms, empires, and territories that ruled over the whole Solice metaverse at that time). The 7 lords initiated an age of war and conflict motivated by selfish desires. This age continued for almost a decade until the 12 children at Zephyros could no longer stand for it. This was known in history as the Great War Age.

The 12 Children of Sol in Zephyros had sent out 7 of their own down to Solice (one for each ruler) to stop the madness of the people. When the children came down to Solice they first tried to counsel the rulers into stopping the war. Unfortunately, the rulers had grown too arrogant and would not heed the children’s advice. The children then had no choice but to use their powers to force the rulers into submission. With this, the Great War Age came to an end.

The 7 children who had come down to Solice, were asked by their siblings in Zephyros if they could remain in Solice to teach the people about their Parent “Sol” whom the people had forgotten. They believed that this would ensure peace for many centuries to come. The 7 children did as their siblings asked and stayed to ensure peace. During this time, the children shared knowledge with the people and helped them where they could. The children started to get worshipped by the people and were adored with all kinds of riches. The people started calling them Deities or/and the Creators. It was not before long that some of the 7 Children started to get intrigued by the riches and pleasures of the world. As their minds were slowly getting corrupted a new age was starting.

Many centuries after the Great War Age a lot had changed but in the same way also a little. The Deities became as drunk on their power as the mortal rulers before them. They walked among men in avatars they had created for themselves. They made offspring with the creations Sol and entertained themselves by manipulating people into sin. They masked their evil deeds in a way their siblings could not see from Zephyros. Soon the Deities’ corruption and arrogance had grown to the point that they started to dispute with their own kin. This initiated a time of Chaos. The beings of Solice became divided into different species and started to wage war once again. Little did they know that they were simply puppets for the Deities they worshipped. Two of the seven Deities started to repent their wicked deeds as they saw the chaos they had brought upon Solice. These 2 Deities then tried to convince the other 5 to put a stop to this madness. Their words had fallen upon deaf ears. Blinded by their corrupted hearts the other 5 deities destroyed their 2 siblings.

The 5 siblings left in Zypheros felt that 2 of their kin had been destroyed. They then decided to leave Zephyros and go to Solice to see what happened. As they witnessed the chaos on Solice they soon realized that they had been fooled all this time. With sorrow in their hearts, they declared war on their corrupted siblings. This war with higher powers affected the whole of Solice and had disastrous effects on the landscape. Many lives had been claimed for this war to reach its conclusion after approximately 300 years. In the end, all the children of Sol had lost their astral bodies except for one. This was the first child of Sol and the strongest of all the children. Fortunately, he was not one of the corrupted Deities. The first child then spoke to the all beings and demi-gods in the Solice metaverse:

~“This War has come to an end, yet I have lost all my siblings. My happiness is only exceeded by my sorrow. The will of my parent “SOL” was for us to watch over his creations, whom which are you. I am unsure if I can keep watching over you by myself, and therefore I will do the following: All the demigods, who are the aftermath of the sin of my siblings, will live with me in Zephyros from today forward. They will help me in watching over all the beings in the metaverse so that this will never happen again.

As for the beings.. you have been manipulated and divided by my corrupted siblings. The hatred that is in your hearts is not easily removed. For that reason, I will use my powers to divide the lands. The lands shall be divided and only connected through astral portals which will be managed by me. I will keep a constant watch on the lands and make sure that peace shall return to all lands.

As the first and the last remaining child of Sol, from this moment I shall be referred to as “Zephyr”. Relish the experience of Solice, farewell.”~

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