After Zephyr had split the lands, the land with the most natural and old relics was left with the elves, beastmen, and other creatures that required this environment. This land was called Yamashi. Within Yamashi there were borders between areas. This was because most of the species still had a lingering hatred for each other because of the Great War. If it wasn’t for the demi-gods keeping watch, they would have started a new war right away. And so, all the creatures started their new (separated) lives on Yamashi.

With each generation, the hatred grew slimmer and slimmer, until at a certain point the elves crossed the border to make peace with the dark elves. News soon started to spread throughout Yamashi. Soon other species followed this behavior and started to cross borders too (with some exceptions). It was at this time that a new age of peace and unity started to bloom. Creatures shared their knowledge of ancient arts and made new creations. They developed techniques to compress the sol energy on the lands and make ores out of them. These ores could contain a fast amount of divine energy which could make even the impossible possible. Yet these artificial ores could not produce the same results as the natural ones.

The dragon-kin/Dragonborn’s were the only species in Yamashi who did not openly welcome other species into their domain. They loved to live secluded and gather ancient artifacts and riches. The other species had no choice but to accept this behavior. Dragonborn’s were also the only species of which there were some in Kriaz and in Ludivour. It is because of this reason that they were the first species to ask Zephyr permission to cross the portal to visit the lands of their kin. Under the supervision of the demi-gods, the Dragonborn’s set out to explore other lands. The other species in Yamashi saw no need, at this time, to explore other lands and did not want to risk spoiling the unity they had created. Yet after a few decades, the humans from Amoris came to visit the land of Yamashi.

The species of Yamashi had seen inventions of which the likes of them had never seen before. It seemed the humans had advanced ancient technology to make sophisticated machinery. As the humans shared their knowledge with the elves, the elves soon shared it with their neighboring species. It was around this time that the first few scientists came into existence within Yamashi. As they became greedy for more knowledge, they decided to ask Zephyr to open the portals for them, so they could fill their curiosity in other lands. The denizens of Yamashi set out for travel.

A few hundred years passed after humans had visited Yamashi for the first time. The split lands of Solice had friendly relations with one another and traded goods. Each land had its own specialty. It was around this time that the humans had marked a new age for Solice. They had discovered eternal life, by placing one’s mind in a robot/artificial avatar. This showed everybody that science was capable of anything. Humans used this to convince all species to join them in a new project. This project involved making their own portals so that they would no longer be at the mercy of Zephyr. In fear of making future enemies out of the technical powerhouse called humans, almost all species agreed to participate. Unfortunately, this had resulted in a complete failure which had opened a portal to a different plane.

Zephyr, who saw this all happening, decided to punish all species accordingly. Since the humans were the ones to instigate this, Zephyr chose to punish them the most. Yet for the act of going against God, their punishment should be considered light.

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