After Zephyr had split the lands apart, the humans were put on the most balanced piece of land. This is in the sentence of there being just enough water, vegetation, minerals, volcanos, and diversity in climate. The humans who had just gotten out of a long war had a hard time adjusting to this “seemingly” peaceful time. The first-generation inhabitants only saw use in their combat skills for hunting and had almost no other talents. The generations after soon found lines of work for themselves, be it herbalism, fishing, or simple farming. With each generation, the old hatred for other species began to fade. They built their civilization back up from the ground and called their lands Amoris.

Not before long do humans begin to deepen themselves in subjects like physics, medicine, alchemy, and biology. The human race was advancing at a rapid rate. Studying human history, they found out about the machinery of the old times (the time of the 7 Lords). That’s when the new age of science came to a start. The human’s desire for knowledge knew no boundaries. Humans begged the demi-gods, who would visit from time to time, to open the portals to the neighboring lands after all those years. They did everything to prove to the demi-gods that they meant no harm to the other species and that they simply wanted to visit those lands to broaden their knowledge. Eventually, they succeeded in convincing Zephyr, who then opened the portals under strict watch.

The humans first visited Yamashi where they first made contact with the elves. Under the guidance of the demi-gods, the humans created friendly relations with the elves and exchanged their knowledge. It seemed the human race was far more advanced in science than their new friends, but there were still valuable things they learned from the elves. After a few years, the humans dove deeper into Yamashi where they found other species, plants, and ores of which they had long forgotten through the passage of time.

The humans then further advance to the seas and islands of Kriaz, and after that to the blazing lands of Ludivour. Having made friendly connections with the species of each of these lands they soon started trading their technology for valuable minerals and items. The humans had hit a new pinnacle after they finished their travels. Simple machinery wouldn’t cut it anymore. They invented computers with complex algorithms, testing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. The old arrogance of the human race was surfacing once more. They felt they could accomplish anything with their science, and soon started researching the powers of the portals and Deities of old times. They first started imitating the power over life, by creating machines with the human thought processes. Yet, that wasn’t enough, the art of transferring the human brain into robots is where they found their success. With this, they had found their own unique solution to eternal life. They didn’t stop there, humans no longer wanted to depend on the demi-god or Zephyr for anything. So, with the help of scientists of different species, they researched the science behind portals. Unfortunately, this had resulted in a complete failure which had opened a portal to a different plane. Zephyr, who was now convinced that humans will never learn if left alone, chose to give the humans a small punishment as a reminder to not get drunk on their greed for power and knowledge. He made it so that portals will spawn all over the lands randomly which led to other astral planes. Challenges would await whoever entered them. But some say that the energy of SOL manifests a reward for the ones who clear them.

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